It’s funny how we view our past and the overall quality of our life.  When we sift through the data of what we have been doing and where we have been, we can build ourselves up or endlessly discount the very same facts.   When the daily bumps and scraps of life’s ups and downs start to wear us down—that is the exact time when we need to gird ourselves up and remember not to give in to misleading emotions only looking to put a bad spin on every aspect of our resume.

If we start our assessment from the vantage point of a critic or some other person that we magically wish we could be more like or whose exploits we want to match, than we find ourselves quickly attending a pointless pity party that never ends, with regret as its one and only parting gift.

Often times it only takes a kind word and a smile from someone to kick start us back to our missionary work.  But the bottom line is, we can’t afford to underestimate our own body of work on this planet.  It is a discredit to everyone we love and every little and big blessing that has come our way.

We must remember that we are the same person we were when we get in the habit of bridging time to time.

We need to find contentment in building a strong foundation, whether it leads to a high rise, luxury apartment or not.

There is nothing sadder than the man that listens too hard to the wrong advice, and decides that he is in fact lost and therefore must abandon the one true path that was intended for him all along from day one.

We need to be better press agents for ourselves than that!


About John Watts

I like to write transcendental community based essays and stories along with photo journalism pieces.
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