“GUIDED BY CHEFS” meal plan! By John Watts



Hey it’s almost the end of the year.  That means time to plan out your resolutions right?


And if you took a survey what resolution do you think would prey upon most people’s minds?


You guessed it.  Their diet and eating habits.


This is where we come in.


Because I want to announce, just to you, that if you are one of the first one hundred to respond to this introductory email; a great new meal plan company that is moving in to a shopping center near you just might be the answer you crave.


It’s called GUIDED BY CHEFS or (GBC).


Now picture this.  If you sign up to be an annual member of GBC, you will have access to our gourmet kitchen, specifically designed and approved by our gourmet chefs.


But wait.  Before you act let me tell you about our 5 steps which are the “meat and potatoes” if you will, of our program.


This is where GBC is SO different from the other meal helping companies.

Because we insist on challenging you from day one with LOTS of steps to do BEFORE you can actually eat your food!  That’s right friend.  We value you ENOUGH as a costumer to make sure that by the end of the process, you REALLY deserve your gourmet meal that we have helped you create.

So here are the steps in no particular order.


STEP ONE:  You get on your cell phone and ORDER your meal.  Remember–we give you full latitude to choose as many accessories and condiments as you wish.


STEP TWO:  You then drive over to one of our nearby gourmet kitchens, and BRING back all of your meal servings to your home that you ordered on line or over the phone.  Color coordinated plastic baggies with name tags will be given to every one of your dishes.  And with our representatives standing by, you then have complete access to our gourmet kitchen so as to cut up the correct amount of measurements and proportions as was specified in the original meal agreement.  A lot of out costumers say that this “hands on” portion is the most rewarding as they get a chance to get out of the house and use the best equipment money can buy.  Many of our clients have likened it to being on a WORKING vacation in which menial labor is a major part of the itinerary.


We even give you a letter grade after your session is over to see how accurate you were in following the directions of your recipe.


STEP 3:  At this point all of your baggies have been measured and filled.  It is now up to you go back to your kitchen, after having seen ours, and wait in the convenience of your own  home–for our NEXT day mail delivery to bring the FINAL version of your ordered MEAL back to you in a very attractive brown box.  At this point, you are almost ready to eat!  Your turkey has its gravy.  Your Chicken Parm is in its sauce.  This is the stage that many of our clients describe as “highly compelling!” when describing the waiting process for their meal package to arrive.


STEP 4:  Now it is your time to shine!  You simply jam all of your cold food items into your oven and cook it as our directions say.  How simple is that?

Can’t you just smell that FINAL outcome as all your carefully measured ingredients come to life?!


STEP 5:  Now here is another innovative feature with Guided By Chefs (or GBC) that you won’t get anywhere with the other pretenders.  Because instead of just leaving you at home to deal with the fortunes of your meal; we force you to come BACK to our gourmet kitchen, and show us how you did!  And this is where you eat it and share it with our attentive staff and master cooks.  This component gives you the feedback and the attention you so surely deserve.


A FINAL letter grade will be doled out based on how organized you were in following our directions.  Remember, you get to serve your finished meal using OUR fine China and fancy plates and silverware.  This is all free of charge and no dishes need to be washed afterwards!

Also remember that should you choose to NOT drive your final, heated meal back to one of our gourmet locations, you will be forced to pay an additional 100 dollar fee which will be explained more fully to you when you sign up.


So let’s breeze thru these revolutionary steps one more time in case you’re a slow learner:

  1. a)Call us with your order  2) GATHER your meal items at our studio and take them home.  C) go home and WAIT for your meal package to arrive!   4) cook the food in your own kitchen!   5) and finally, return the finished meal to our gourmet kitchen and eat it while being watched by our seasoned chefs.


What could be more fun?  What could be more rewarding?

Remember–what you sacrifice in money and convenience, you make up for in hard work and sense of pride in having followed the steps correctly and eaten in a gourmet kitchen while being graded by us!


And though it’s not the main thrust of our company, many clients have reported major weight loss as a result of sweating thru so many of our steps and being nervous while our judges video tape their meal performance.


So what are you waiting for?  Good meals don’t just fall from trees!  Pick up the phone and call Guided By Chefs this instant!



About John Watts

I like to write transcendental community based essays and stories along with photo journalism pieces.
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