EVEN STEVEN KARMA (gives way to Easter) By John Watts

karma math

“Even Steven” Karma.  Think about it.  Often that is the best we humans can aspire to with our flawed track record.

Take today for example.  It was on my morning dog walk with Jackson.

I had forgotten to take my usual allotment of pooper scooper bags on the walk as Spring was still relatively new and I had failed to transfer my bag supplies out of my light jacket pocket.

Therefore, I had to watch helplessly as Jackson conducted his constitutional on the grass of an innocent suburban property.  I was briefly mortified.  The responsibility to do the right thing fell heavily on my shoulders as the owner, after all.

Fortunately, this little sin was not compounded by having any owners glaring out their windows directly at us.

So we both trundled on with our tail between our legs.

But less than 20 yards down the path I had a chance for redemption.

It was in the form of a humongous 7-11 Big Gulp cup and straw discarded alongside the wildflowers which carpeted the forest floor.

I picked it up and vowed to make up for my previous transgression.

So, I dutifully lugged this Big Gulp cup and straw nearly another half mile until I found a trash can.

It was the perfect 50/50 return to decency.  I had left the neighborhood no worse than I had found it.

Thus the “even Steven Karma” technique was reborn in my head.

Of course, there are flaws to this approach.

For example, if you are driving your car and rudely cut off another motorist, you may never get a chance for doing something thoughtful further on down the road, should the offended motorist decide to shoot you then and there.

And you need to be honest and true with your tabulations.  It can be tricky to pair similar offenses with similar magnitude good deeds.  I mean to say you can’t just run over a pedestrian and then think that you made it up for it the same day by simply replicating my litter pick up routine with the Big Gulp cup being returned to the trash can.

Still I like the feeling it gave me.  Like I was redeemable after all.

But only in my own short term, very subjective, self-serving way of course.

And only for very cosmetic “Neighborhood Association” score keeping purposes.

Fortunately, beyond fortune and beyond fortitude.  Heck–beyond any of us; there is a MUCH BIGGER reason for truly feeling free and liberated.

In fact, you can throw my silly karma paradigm right out the window when it comes to this.

And it centers squarely on the Good News found this time of year at Easter!


About John Watts

I like to write transcendental community based essays and stories along with photo journalism pieces.
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