STYMIED BY PROGRESS AGAIN (Update Completed!) By John Watts

update complete


“Your IPhone was updated successfully.  There are just a few more steps to follow, and then you’re done!”

Ah, those dreaded pop-up boxes offering updates and a chance to make undeniable progress with one’s electronic device.

It lowered its boom on me again this morning, like a jarring wakeup  call from the grim reaper, on my cell phone as I walked the dog.

Feeling guilty for not saying “YES” to other countless offers for progress, I went ahead and gave it the go ahead this one time last night.

And so, this morning, as you can quite imagine, I was pleasantly surprised to see a “PROGRESS COMPLETED” box blaring across my cellular screen.

But wait.  It was ALMOST completed—coming with the caveat of stating that I had just a few more steps to follow.

And as I was to find out, those little steps were BIG steps that seemed to carry huge ramifications on my life and the quality I might glean from it.

Because now I suddenly needed to enter my APPLE ID successfully.  Then I needed to click the correct SERVER that I would be using.


And of course, there was no way to simply back out and CANCEL everything.  I was as helpless as when choosing to forgo the long line to speak to a real representative at the AIRPORT to instead, become trapped at the self-service ticketing machine with no hope for resolution.

My cell phone was effectively hi-jacked.

Progress had waylaid me again.  I was stuck in the wasteland of what was true and what was counterfeit—yet again.

So, calling my dog to my side, I sat down on a stump and put my life on PAUSE.  I turned off my cell phone.

And I’ve been waiting there ever since, hoping this vicious holding pattern would cease so that I could use my cell phone once again for the sole purpose of being——-believe it or not—just to be a PHONE to call my family on.

Thanks a lot progress!  This is exactly why my wife and I have conceded our house phone to solicitors and we routinely run and hide when opportunity knocks on our front door.

We Don’t Want Any!


About John Watts

I like to write transcendental community based essays and stories along with photo journalism pieces.
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