trash can

A day trip with my wife recently brought home a very sad reality.  It is very hard for soft modern car travelers like us to break the habit of ONLY exiting our cars for the sole purpose of throwing away the previous stops fast food trash and buy some more for the fast food trash can on the next stop.

The getting out and stretching part or getting out and walking part is just slightly incidental.

Truly a sequential travel slump designed to further soften mid sections and prolong New Year’s resolutions!

And our recent 4-hour road trip was just the right size for falling into the same old pattern.

Here is how it worked. Our Saturday trip started early with Chik-Fila at 6 AM.  We ate as we drove—smacking our lips in ecstasy to the harmonious flavors of the number 7 chicken and egg bagel.  2 hours later we had crossed the Bay Bridge at stopped at Dunkin Donuts.  This naturally meant we had to dispose of the previous Chik-Fila Styrofoam cups and assorted food trash rounded up into our big to go bag and chuck it all in the Dunkin Donut trash can.  And, as any good red-blooded American would do, after surveying the wide array of donut offerings on the overhead menu, we then were forced into taking some maple drizzled donuts to go for company on the next leg of our trip plus beverages to wash it all down.

Royal Farms was last the last stop before our final destination.  By this point all we needed to do was buy some water and iced tea.  And, I think you guessed it by now, we had to dispose of our last collection of fast food trash, which in this case was the donut wrappers and bags plus the coffee and orange juice container from the previous Dunkin Donuts.

With 5 miles to go on this fast food travel chain, we had a final decision to make.  We needed breath mints before we arrived at our hosts house.  We also needed to dispose of the beverage trash from Royal Farms.  So, we stopped at a tiny gas station convenience store, where upon we threw out the plastic and Styrofoam cup and bottle and then bought our breath mints.

As we pulled into the driveway we had COMPLETED our evolutionary fast food chain to the point that all we had left to throw away was a TINY wrapper from the breath mints.

Mission accomplished!

So, there you have it folks.  Another routine, one-way travel link successfully completed, with a series of familiar, guilt inducing road side stops.

It was all so convenient and……vaguely disconcerting.

But it got us to our destination in 4 hours.  Super highways.  Efficient restrooms.  Fast, disposable food and voluminous trash cans.

All links in the chain.  Each residual fast food trash to be disposed of at the next fast food place.

Such “consuming and disposing” stepping stones are how we movers and shakers gain weight and find comfort in this fast paced, stressful world we live in.

So where will your fast food trash get disposed of on your next road trip?

Will you rise and shine and then go from McDonalds to Tastee Freeze?  Or perhaps Starbucks to Subway?

—the possibilities for mixed trash can pollination just leaves one in a forever stupor of anticipation!





About John Watts

I like to write transcendental community based essays and stories along with photo journalism pieces.
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